Monday, January 12, 2015

The Mafia TPLF-Ethiopian Government

It came by gun, it leads by gun, but it uses copy paste of Western’s constitution. 

Shooting innocent people

The TPLF (Tigrai Liberation Front) one of minor Ethnic groups in Ethiopia came to the power by gun in 1990s. It organized the fake and the others political ‘micro enterprises’ Organizations in the name of 80 Ethiopian nations and nationalities. Amazingly, it organized and grouped not educated and not wise people in order to build one regional state among the nine Ethiopians regional states. These fake political ‘micro enterprises’ organizations have been collaborating with this mafia group, because they are caught by benefits. On the top of these political ‘macro enterprises’ Organizations, there is at least one Tigre guy who closely guides and or order them. Most of the Guiders are the former fighters or soldiers of TPLF. They have been using the Western constitutions as shield although their doing’s smells the doer of rebellions. Of course, there were rebellions and they are also now. The well known Ethiopian politician, Dr. Merara Gudina has literally explained TPLF, “The TPLF came to power from jungle, but the jungle does no leave the TPLF.”

Soldiers are kicking an innocent in taekwondo

The TPLF papers and tongues are very perfect. We, the innocent and majority of Ethiopian peoples have copy paste of  the Western constitutions which is performed in the ‘Jungle of TPLF’.  In the early beginning, the TPLF has hatred towards intellectuals and well educated persons. Because, intellectuals can easily reveal and exposed the wrong hand of TPLF and the secret of TPLF’s jungles; as well as, most of intellectuals are guided by their mind not by their stomach.  This is why the mafia-Ethiopian government downing, demoralizing, chasing, arresting and killing the intellectuals and those who oppose its wrong hands and doings.

Constitution-it’s a written statement outlining the basic laws of principle by which a country is to be governed. For the sake of having democratic principles and name, we have somehow copy paste constitution. But it kept on the paper like the heritage materials which are put in a museum. Constitutions must serves societies like money by going to each and every person’s home instead of sitting in the well covered book. Again, the TPLF has been degrading the Ethiopian ‘paper constitution’ by its theatre proclamations. The entire house of people’s representative and house of federation full of TPLF’s delegations. It has voted them by using gun and money. Therefore, Oromo proverb says, “Sareen nama nyaachiseef dutti.” Which means ‘A dog barks for who feeds it’.          

A man who guide soldier to kill someone during Ambo massacre  

Secularism-the reality in the ground, it’s the belief that religion and religious bodies should have no part in political or civil affair or in running public intuitions; especially, in schools, colleges and universities. Oppositely, not only the government and military structures, but also  the mafia-TPLF government is full of churches, courts, schools, colleges, universities, etc. unbelievably, since they came to power by gun from jungle, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church’s pope suppose be from TPLF or Tigre ethnic group. As the same as, the others must be its supporters… 

Abstractly drown TPLF’s pope on money

Multiparty system-if there is democracy in a country, multiparty involves more than two political parties. To be called democratic, TPLF has been organizing many its own fake political opposition parties. It’s a good actor in doing evil theatres. Its evil theatres have been sealed, and put bad scar in the mind of Ethiopian peoples. They are waiting for the flooding anger day…  
Election-it’s an event at which people vote and also it’s an organized event at which somebody is chosen by vote for presidential or parliamentary. On the other hands, the TPLF has been gambling under the shadow of election. Ethiopian people have been robbed their votes for four rounds by TPLF. From my experience and point of view, the gun and paper do not vote together and be voted together. I think, Ethiopian people should ignore the invitation of party which eats them usually...  

Media-in a healthy country, media is taken as the fourth estate next to Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. In order to build democratic country, media places the great roles. Media should govern for its policy and editorial. It must be free from government control and censorships.  Unfortunately, we do not have free and fair media in Ethiopia; rather, it’s the mafia government ownership. We, most of journalists in Ethiopia are parrot-we are not the real journalists; rather, we wear the uniform of journalism by having the skills of language, especially reading. Most of journalists in Ethiopia are doing as the spoke person of the mafia government…   

Employment-people have the right to live, learn, eat, educate, etc. After graduation, somebody has to be employed according to the criteria he/she fulfills. Surprisingly, in Ethiopia, to be employed, somebody has to be the member of the mafia political ruling party.  Nowadays, in Ethiopia, to get university degree in your life, at least it takes 15 years (from grade 1-10, 10+1 and 10+2, and three and more years at university). Astonishingly, while universities award the degree in the 15 years, some ‘shop private colleges’ may sell Masters Degree in a year for elementary students in a huge money. The mafia sells and the mafia buys. In Ethiopia, Because of this reason, the value of education also becoming to valueless. Therefore, among 80 notations and nationalities, if one ethnic groups controls all powers and resources and when it downs, demoralizes, chases, arrests and kills the major by using the chance of gaining gun and powers,    can we say, is this country healthy and democratic? What is mine, yours and ours role to survive this country if you do believe in my arguments?

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