Saturday, January 21, 2017

Ethics based military chief Vs ethnics based military chief

                Ethiopia Vs Gambia                      
Ousman Bargier, the Gambia chief of defense said:
“No fighting will take place. People maybe think this is a crisis, but it is not a crisis. This is a political misunderstanding. Political misunderstanding is going be solved through politically, not militarily. No war! We are not foolish. I love my soldiers and the Gambian people…”

This is ethics based military leader not ethnic based military leader like Ethiopia’s military possesses to one ethnic group-Tigre ‘Tigrai People Liberation Front-TPLF’. Ethiopia has 80 Ethnic groups. TPLF-the minority Ethnic Group held all political positions and economical activities. I always compare a country with a country. If we take the case of situation which is going in Gambia and compare with Ethiopia current situation, we can easily guess many things.

If Ousman Bargier were Ethiopian chief of defense, he was from Tigre Ethnic group and he has no mind to say to not kill a civilians or his primary duty is not defend a people (county), rather his primary duty is to defend bloody handed authorities.  However, Ousman Bargier is taking a side of people, not a side of wrong leader. When Ethiopia will have such a military chief?  

Ethics based military chief Vs ethnics based military chief: 

                           Gambia Vs Ethiopia 


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